I know this page is ugly, [because I'm bad at it], but the stickers are pretty nice. I held a contest on 99designs to find a designer for the logo, used Fancy Hands, my buddy Ted's new thing, to find the best print shop, and even created a Facebook group for people to share photos and such.

Everything arrives in a few days (as of April 28th), I'll set up a flickr pool and such when we break in the first shipment.

They're here! (and shipping)

Buy a sticker, put it on some stuff, and please, god, fix this WEBS DESIGN for me if you are capable.

Really. It's totally dangerous.

Seriously. It can wait. It's just not that important. Operating a huge automobile is pressing. What's not pressing is anything you are discussing on the phone, unless it's on the topic of "HOW DO I STOP A CAR WITHOUT BRAKES?!??!".

If you were that important, you would have someone handling the mundane tasks you are discussing on this oh-so-important phone call. You don't, so you're not, therefore it's not. Just wait until you arrive at your destination, where you'll compulsively reach for your phone, and start yapping away loudly in a public space, oblivious to your surroundings as usual.

Come on jabber jaw, take a break.

ps. you are horrible at parallel parking to begin with, why is it a good idea to further accentuate your ineptitude?

Get the bumper sticker, put it on a and/or your car

get off your fucking phone bumper sticker

(The actual stickers are 3.75" x 7.5")